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Sri Sudhansu kumar Dalei , Chairperson
Dhenkanal Municipal Council
Expecting this website would be able to provide information on various activities undertaken by Dhenkanal Municipal council for the benefit of the public of Dhenkanal Municipality. Citizen of Dhenkanal Municipality are requested to give their valuable suggestion for betterment of the Municipal services and for this website.

Dhenkanal Municipality
Public Convenience (Street Light) Section.  
This section is looking after by Sri Saroj Ku. Rout, Sr. Asst..04(four) nos. of electrical assistants out of work charged establishment and 2 nos. of NMRs are working in this section. The following street Light points are maintained by the municipality
a. High Mast light. : 04 Points
b. Semi High Mast Light            : 06 Points
c. 250watt S.V. Fitting                 : 999 Points
d. 150 watt S.V. Fitting                : 236 Points
e. 70 watt S.V. Fitting                   : 242 Points
f. Halogen M.H. Fitting                 : 04 Points
g. 2x24 street fittings                   : 300 Points
h. 3x 250 street fittings                : 05 Points
i. 36watt Tube light fittings          : 761 Points
j. 85/65 CFL fitting                         : 230 Points
k. 60 watt bulb fitting                      : 2500 Points
                                                         5287 Points

All the staffs are advised to numbering the various type street light points ward wise and to ascertain the actual load obtained from the CESU authorities. Moreover they should watch the warranty period of street light fittings and to replace the same immediately within the warranty period to avoid loss of expenditure. They are also advised to maintained the register for theft of street light fittings and wire etc. and to lodge FIR within the specific period.
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