Our aim as the city Manager is to make the city beautiful with flowers and decorative forestsÂ’ request all of our citizens to get the information from our own website.

Sri Sudhansu kumar Dalei , Chairperson
Dhenkanal Municipal Council
Expecting this website would be able to provide information on various activities undertaken by Dhenkanal Municipal council for the benefit of the public of Dhenkanal Municipality. Citizen of Dhenkanal Municipality are requested to give their valuable suggestion for betterment of the Municipal services and for this website.

Dhenkanal Municipality
e-municipality Implementation.  
The following 7 (seven) modules under the scheme is under progress.
(a) Birth & Death Registration and issue of computerized certificate is being carried out since.
(b) Trade license application received & license granted Solid waste management job card issue and closed .
(d) Grievance complaints received & resolved .
(e) Welfare scheme pension plan since 20.04.11
(f) Building permission application received & issued of permission .
(g) Municipal Management Information System (MMIS) Module
(h) Action has been taken for implementation of property tax assessment & collection as well as accounting through accrual based doubled entry for the year 2012-13.

It is seen that the personnel engaged by the TCS is handling the above modules but the Municipal employees are not taking any interest to learn and practice the above. All the Sectional Heads are advised to ask each employee to trained up themselves by the H.S.O. of Tata Consultancy Services those have not undergone training on this work. The employees should advised accordingly & committed to do it.


1. One modern slaughter house is required for the town to prohibit slaughtering of animals in public places as required under Section 313 of O.M. Act,1950 and implementation of modernization of meat shop scheme under National Mission on Food processing (NMFP) of Govt. of India.
2. Registration of existing burial and burning grounds is required under section 317 of O.M. Act, 1950 and its proper development.
3. Smooth public drainage system is required for the town as per provision of Section 210 of O.M. Act, 1950.
4. One cattle pound is required for the town as per the provision of Cattle Tress Pass Act, 1871.
5. Water supply and underground water project for the entire town are absolutely required.
6. Implementation of National Plan for conservation of Aquatic Eco-System. (NPCA) of Govt. of India for 2 nos major water bodies and Renovation, Repair and Restoration (RRR) Scheme of Govt. of Odisha for balance 16 water bodies in the town.
7. City Town Bus Service under JnNURM scheme of Govt. of India should be introduced in the town for the convenience of the general public.
8. Full time extension officers of various departments like Social Welfare & Civil Supplies etc should be exclusively posted like Block administration for smooth management of day to day official work.
9. One Municipal Engineer, One Head Asst. 2 Sr. Asst. and 6nos. of Jr. Asst. as per vacancy chart should be posted by H & UD Department for smooth running of day to day official works.
10. Street light phase in every wards of the town should be provided for maintaining the street lights properly and for the convenience of the general public.
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